An Unexpected Luxury
The Original Chewable Ice

The Original Chewable Ice®

The Brilliance® Nugget Ice Machine from Scotsman delivers the same nugget ice we invented and brought to the foodservice industry in 1981. Cravings for the soft, crunchy goodness of this ice are now satisfied at home with family and friends.

UNIQUENESS: Soft, compacted ice in classic nugget form.
ADVANTAGES: Easy to chew, fun to crunch, absorb flavors of beverages, cools beverages quickly.
POPULAR USES: Perfect for soft or blended drinks, smoothies, food displays and everyday uses.

Ice for the Purist®

The Legacy and Brilliance® Gourmet Cubers from Scotsman produce ice that’s crystal clear, taste-free and odorless. The unique shape prevents clumping and allows the cubes to melt slower, which means drinks stay truer to their original flavor.

UNIQUENESS: Hard, crystal-clear ice with a distinctive form.
ADVANTAGES: Melts slower-won’t dilute the drink as fast.
POPULAR USES: Perfect for premium, mixed drinks, or for elevating and beverage occasion into something special.

Ice for the Purist

commercial grade ice machines made for the home.

Enjoy Bar & Restaurant quality ice at home. Our residential ice machines bring the transparent and taste-free ice served in bars and restaurants right into the comforts of your own home, outdoor kitchen, and even boat or yacht.

commercial grade ice machines
Designed Engineered Assembled in the USA

We’re Designed, engineered & Manufactured in the USA

At Scotsman, our quality story begins with our machines being proudly designed, engineered and assembled in our award-winning manufacturing facility in South Carolina. It continues with 100% of our units making ice before leaving the plant and our pride to have been named as one of the top manufacturers in the USA by Industry Week Magazine.

Legacy Cuber Model DCE33

Legacy & Brilliance® Gourmet Cubers

Ice for the Purist®! Our classic clear-ice cubers produce crystal-clear, odorless cubes that keep your beverage truer to the flavors you love. The cubers feature slow-melting, uniquely-shaped ice that’s perfect for premium liquor and mixed drinks. And since they’re made in a dedicated ice-making machine, there won’t be any absorbed flavors from your freezer.

The Brilliance® Nugget Ice Machine

The Original Chewable Ice®! Our popular nugget ice is soft, compact and chewable—and it’s great for absorbing flavors and keeping drinks fun. Cravings for the soft, crunchy goodness of this ice are now satisfied at home, no drive-through needed! Try it in soft or blended drinks, smoothies, ice packs, and more.

Brilliance® Nugget Ice Machine Model SCN60
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Popular Uses

  • Beverages: From slushies to cocktails
  • Food Displays: Keep seafood and champagne chilled
  • Therapeutic Uses: Accelerate recovery time
  • On-the-Go: Pack a cooler for the park, the game, or the beach
  • On-the-Boat: Keep fresh catch cool