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Will your products accept a custom panel?

Yes! All Scotsman residential ice machines accept custom panels.

If I have a custom panel made for my older model DCE33, can I reuse it on one of your newer SCC or SCN models?

Yes, but you would need to buy accessory KDFR.

Some ice cubes are smaller than others. Is that normal?

Because our units have insulated storage bins that are not refrigerated, it is normal to see the cubes change shape and get smaller inside the bin.

Should I use a filter when installing one of your ice machines?

Yes, we recommend installing an in-line water filter. In-line water filters are available at most hardware stores.

How do I know whether to buy a gravity model or pump model?

You can use a gravity model when a drain is accessible in the floor or below the floor where the unit will be installed. Pump models are mostly used in high-rises and homes that are on a slab. Pump models are commonly installed where the only drain available is in a nearby sink and the water must be pushed up.

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I heard that Scotsman ice machines are loud. Is this true?

Ice machines, by nature, create some level of noise. The Scotsman nugget is one of the quietest ice machines available.

Where can I locate warranty information for my Scotsman ice machine?

Where can I access the cleaning video for my Scotsman CUBER/NUGGET?

Where can I see and / or buy an ice machine?

Click on our Find Dealer at the top of every page:

How can I find service for my ice machine?

Click on our Find Service at the top of every page:

How much ice does it make?

Ice production varies by model. Go to our web site: and click on PRODUCTS for model specifications.

How often should I clean / sanitize my ice machine?

At a minimum it is recommended to thoroughly clean and sanitize your ice machine every six (6) months. This may vary depending on the local water quality. Go to our web site RESOURCE CENTER then click on VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS for cleaning videos.

What should I consider when deciding where to install my ice machine?

The three most important considerations are:

  • Potable inlet water source with dedicated shut-off valve.
  • Drain accessibility to determine if a gravity drain or drain pump assist model is needed,
  • Dedicated 15 amp circuit specific to the ice machine.

Go to our web site RESOURCE CENTER then click on VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS for installation videos.