Undercounter Ice Machines Offer Greater Value than “Trendy” Countertop Models

For homeowners and industry professionals alike, undercounter ice machines deliver performance and reliability advantages that countertop ice makers cannot match. Undercounter ice machines’ design advantages create a more compelling value proposition, offering an unexpected luxury and the ideal addition to any kitchen specification.

Performance Advantages

Always Fresh IceScotsman undercounter ice machines offer a drain pump that flushes away melted ice from the bin so the system can continuously refresh the supply with clean, restaurant-quality ice. Countertop models offer no such drain pump… so melted ice and trapped airborne contaminants recycle back into the ice maker for additional ice production.

Greater Capacity – In terms of performance, undercounter models outpace countertop units by a wide margin. A Scotsman built-in ice machine can produce as much as 80 lbs. of fresh, restaurant-quality ice in a 24-hour period, so there is always plenty of ice on-hand. Countertop models only produce up to 24 lbs. of ice, maximum.

Design Advantages

Reduced Counter Clutter – It’s no secret: the uncluttered look is in, and it’s here to stay. Undercounter ice machines typically install at the level of the lower cabinets, freeing countertop space and contributing an element of sophistication to the overall look of the kitchen design. By their nature, countertop models occupy valuable counter space in the kitchen with a fairly substantial footprint.

Sleek Style – Scotsman’s simple, clean lines, and modern style add value and complement any kitchen design… a level of sophistication that countertop ice makers lack.

Experience Advantages

50+ Years of Excellence –Scotsman brings over 50 years of experience in commercial ice machine manufacturing to the home market. Ice machines are their sole focus. Scotsman has received ISO Certification for the past 20 years in a row, and has been named one of the top manufacturers in the USA by Industry Week magazine.

Professional Quality, Right at Home – Scotsman Brilliance® cube ice machines and nugget ice machines (aka, the Original Chewable Ice®) bring the experience of restaurant-quality ice to the home, adding refreshment to every glass.