Modern home appliances can not only help you save time, but can also attribute to your health, well-being, and can help retain the value of your home. Ice machines can provide an unexpected touch of luxury to your kitchen or bar. Scotsman Ice machines can be used in a variety of different ways to add a touch of ease and fun to your everyday life.  


Refrigerator ice can contain more than just water, including impurities that are most commonly found in household tap water. These impurities include calcium, fluoride, nitrates, magnesium, and lime and can affect the taste of your drink and your overall health. The key to creating pure, clear ice begins with how the ice is made 

At Scotsman, we work every day to perfect this one ingredient using an inverted evaporator system to remove household impurities. Leaving you with crystal-clear ice. This not only helps improve the flavor of your beverage but also helps nourish your body with the cleanest ice quality possible.  

Ice is also commonly used to recover from injuries and having an ice machine could benefit those who are active, have children, or may be experiencing long-term pain or discomfort.  

“It’s common to ice an injury with the goal of speeding up the healing process. Icing may be used for sprains, strains, overuse injuries, and bruises. Applying ice has been thought to help decrease swelling and inflammation, as well as reduce pain.” – 

Scotsman nugget ice works perfectly for refilling ice packs and water bottles to provide relief to aching muscles and injuries.   


When thinking of home improvement, you have to think about your kitchen and its return value. Now, more so than ever, the kitchen is the central hub of a home where friends and family spend the most time together. The kitchen should be a space you enjoy being in, and thoughtful kitchen appliance design can help make that happen while allowing you to regularly use the high-end appliances you love.   

“According to a recent survey, 80% of homebuyers placed the kitchen in their list of top three most important spaces.” –  

It’s no secret: the uncluttered look is in and is here to stay. Undercounter ice machines are typically installed at the level of the lower cabinets, freeing countertop space and contributing an element of sophistication to the overall look of the kitchen design. By their nature, countertop models occupy valuable counter space in the kitchen with a substantial physical footprint. 

Scotsman 15-inch undercounter ice machines are designed to blend in and enhance any kitchen or entertainment area. Each Scotsman unit fits neatly under your counter and is also available for use in outdoor spaces. If you are thinking about doing a kitchen remodel, an undercounter ice maker can provide an unexpected touch of luxury to your home.  

“A renovated kitchen can add up to $100,000 to the value of a home…for higher-end projects, owners can expect to recoup 72.2% of their investment for a minor kitchen remodel, according to the Cost vs. Value report.” – USA Today 

If you want to elevate your home appliances, the Scotsman ice difference is clear to see. Genuine Scotsman ice machines enhance any kitchen or bar by providing restaurant-quality ice, anytime, right at home. That quality is born from our 50-year heritage of innovation and performance, our professional service, and our unwavering focus on providing the best ice in the business.  

Scotsman ice machine kitchen modern


There’s nothing like a good beverage. When it’s made right, it’s an experience full of flavor. The ideal ice should complement the beverage experience by being odorless and taste-free. Crystal-clear Scotsman ice cubes melt slower, so your drinks can stay truer to the flavors you love, and our chewable nuggets bring a touch of fun to every drink you pour. 

Impressing guests is always a top priority when hosting and entertaining. Nugget ice makes hosting and entertaining a breeze. For fresh seafood platters, vegetable trays, or catering, use nugget ice to display your food just like the professionals – no ice crushing required.  

You can be sure your guests will be well taken care of with Scotsman high-capacity undercounter ice machines. The sleek appearance fits beautifully into any décor as it keeps your ice buckets and coolers filled with odorless, taste-free, crystal-clear Scotsman gourmet ice that brings the experience of restaurant-quality ice to the home. When you don’t have to worry about the ice, you can be the perfect host. 

Scotsman Nugget Ice Veggie Tray


Having a quality ice machine can also contribute to the overall health and wellness of your household plants. One of the main reasons many people fail to keep their houseplants alive is because they tend to over-care for them by watering them too often or by using too many chemicals. You can use a slower, more measured approach, by using an ice cube melting method.  

“Put two large ice cubes, or a few small ones, at the base of your plant once a week. Not only will this keep the overflow of messy water to a minimum, but it will also give the dirt and roots enough time to absorb the water. This will help to give your plants the exact level of hydration they need, keeping them alive.” – Reader’s Digest 

Scotsman undercounter ice machines, whether Brilliance® Nugget and Brilliance® Gourmet Cuber, can provide a multifunctional experience that helps meet your family’s everyday need.