More and more homeowners are looking for the "Resort Feel" at home

We all enjoy the resort lifestyle and wish we could take it home. It now appears that many Americans are doing just that.

Last year, U.S. homeowners spent $481 billion on home improvement projects, according to the Joint Housing Centers of Harvard University. Many of these improvements – kitchen remodels and outdoor living spaces – were made to increase the livability and functionality of the home. According to the National Association of Realtors, after upgrading their homes, 69% of owners experienced greater enjoyment from time spent in their home, and 84% wanted to spend more time at home.

An undercounter ice machine can be one of those unexpected luxuries that turns a home or outdoor patio into an enjoyable destination. From entertaining family & friends to elevating everyday events, an ice machine adds to the experience.

signature cocktail

Create a resort-level feeling of “Welcome”

We all want our guests to feel welcome and special in our home. Some of the most famous resorts know this simple trick…it’s the small unique touches that make lasting impressions. Pouring a signature cocktail into a glass filled with crystal-clear ice can have that impact. Scotsman Cuber ice is crystal-clear because it’s practically free from tap water minerals that get trapped and frozen in other forms of ice. fridge vs gourmet cubeWhen ordinary ice melts, minerals are released and can affect the flavor of the beverage. Scotsman Cuber ice is clear and clean, which allows the beverage’s true flavors to shine through. Those with discerning tastes will thank you.

Make every moment count

Resorts just seem to have a knack for turning everyday moments into special moments. With a little creativity and a Scotsman, those everyday moments can easily come alive at home. Whether it’s rehydrating with the Strawberry Lime Electrolyte Slushy after a workout, kitchen arts & crafts or holiday fun, Scotsman Nugget Ice is the Original Chewable Ice® that’s sure to get everyday smiles.

strawberry lime electrolyte slushy
strawberry lime electrolyte slushy 2

Bring the resort feeling home

Architects and builders recognize the value of resort-style amenities when planning a new project. “The ice machine is my favorite appliance in the kitchen …. once you’ve had one, you don’t ever want refrigerator ice again,” says Mike Swilley, a high-end luxury home architect. Click here to watch an architect, interior designer, and builder as they help these Atlanta homeowners navigate the planning and building process of their luxury home.

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