Careful research and planning are required when designing or remodeling your home kitchen. You want your kitchen to be both aesthetically beautiful, and highly functional. Now, more so than ever, the kitchen is the central hub of your home where your friends and family spend the most time together. The kitchen should be a space you enjoy being in, and thoughtful kitchen appliance design can help make that happen while allowing you to regularly use the appliances you love 


To effectively design your kitchen, you will need to look at a variety of factors like layout, countertops, appliances, and aesthetics to build a space that is easy to use and enjoyable for entertaining friends and family.  

“An inspired kitchen design might emphasize an open layout that allows guests to flow naturally from the kitchen to larger spaces.  Built-in appliances, such as a wine refrigerator, wet bar, and dedicated ice-maker might replace extra work or food storage space.” – Better Kitchens, Inc 

When you are thinking about cabinets and storage in your kitchen, remember that undercounter appliances can help provide a luxurious touch by freeing up surface space and adding a seamless design look for your home. You will want to pay attention to corners when deciding where to place built-in appliances and cabinets. To make doors fully functional, you will need to plan accurate space for an open door’s clearance in your kitchen design.  

“Landing space around appliances provides a spot to place items while cooking or preparing ingredients. When designing your kitchen, allow 15 inches of countertop on each side of a cooktop and refrigerator.” – Better Homes & Gardens 

Once your kitchen is designed to your ideal standards, it is important to think about how you are now going to keep your kitchen organized.  


Having a cluttered kitchen can make it difficult to cook, clean, and entertain. There is something soothing and energizing about having a clean and organized kitchen counter. Kitchen counter organization is one of the most difficult things to manage within a home, especially when you have to regularly use and store small appliances on the countertops.  

When your counters look and feel cluttered, you are more likely to feel stressed and be unable to relax and enjoy the space. Freeing your kitchen countertops of clutter can help ease that stress, give you more energy to entertain, and provide more space to host family activities together.  

To provide you with the most counterspace available, Scotsman has designed our ice machines to fit easily under your counter and look seamless with your design. Allowing you to finally have that luxurious organized kitchen you’ve been dreaming of.   


Scotsman 15-inch undercounter ice machines are designed to blend in and enhance any kitchen or entertainment area. Each Scotsman unit fits neatly under your counter and is also available for use in outdoor spaces.  

All Scotsman units are 15″ wide, stainless steel, have 26 pounds of ice storage, and feature reversible doors to fit the flow of your kitchen. Custom panel options may also be available through a local source with the help of your Scotsman dealer to custom fit your kitchen design and aesthetic.  

You can be sure your friends and family will be well taken care of with Scotsman high-capacity under-counter ice machines. The sleek appearance fits beautifully into any décor as it keeps your ice buckets filled with odorless, taste-free, crystal-clear Scotsman ice. When you don’t have to worry about kitchen counter clutter, you can be the perfect host.