Scotsman Ice vs Refrigerator Ice: The Difference Is Clear

There’s nothing like a good beverage. When it’s made right, it’s an experience full of flavor. The ideal ice should complement the beverage experience by being odorless and taste-free. Scotsman Ice does just that. Whereas, refrigerator ice can contain more than just water, including impurities that are most commonly found in household tap water. These impurities include calcium, fluoride, nitrates, magnesium, and lime and can effect the taste of your drink.

According to Samsung, most residential Refrigerator ice makers use “rapid freezing technology which traps small amounts of minerals, oxygen, and nitrogen inside the ice cube, giving it a cloudy appearance. Therefore, it’s normal for the ice to be white and foggy.”

Scotsman ice contains nothing but pure water, no minerals.

The ideal ingredient comes down to the quality of ice you use. It’s why at Scotsman, we work every day to perfect this one ingredient. Because we believe that one ingredient is what makes a drink taste better. With Scotsman you get crystal clear, fresh tasting ice every single time.

If you are thinking about doing a kitchen remodel, an undercounter ice maker can provide an unexpected touch of luxury to your home. If you love to entertain, the Scotsman ice difference is clear to see. Crystal-clear Scotsman ice cubes melt slower, so your drinks can stay truer to the flavors you love, and our chewable nuggets bring a touch of fun to every drink you pour.

How Ice Is Made

The key to creating pure, clear ice begins with how the ice is made. Both an undercounter ice machine and a refrigerator ice maker draw water from a home’s water supply. Scotsman is able to remove those household impurities using an inverted evaporator system:

  • Water sprays upward into an inverted evaporator.
  • Pure water freezes in the evaporator, while impurities are flushed from the system and down the drain.
  • Clean, pure, gourmet ice cubes collect in the ice bin.

This evaporator system ensures perfectly crystal-clear ice cubes, every time.

Ice Is All We Do… And We Do It All

  • We don’t source “kitchen suites” with ice machines as an afterthought. We only do ice, and we do it right
  • Sleek, modern design complements and enhances any kitchen design
  • Odorless, tasteless, mineral-free cubes
  • The “Original Chewable Ice®” nuggets
  • Factory-installed pump provides greater reliability and fewer leaks
  • One of the world’s first residential and commercial ice machine manufacturers
  • Designed, engineered & assembled in the USA

From our start in the 1950’s, Scotsman Ice Systems pioneered the development of affordable, reliable ice-making machines. Just one taste and you’ll see that Scotsman clear ice makes your drinks better.

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